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([personal profile] varadia Dec. 7th, 2011 02:38 pm)
Winter is always my long dark teatime of the soul. And in that spirit, some things that I have recently spent some time thinking about. There are some obvious pop culture references. Surprise!

1) You can't always get what you want.

2) Sometimes a thing gets broke can't be fixed.

3) Love is pain.

4) When you're going through Hell, keep going.

5) Hell is other people.

6) I am assured, yes I am assured, yes
I am assured that peace will come to me
A peace that can, yes surpass the speed, yes
Of my understanding and my need

7) I can see blue in the sky when it's raining.

8) Emptying Town
--after Provincetown

Each fall this town empties, leaving me
drained, standing on the dock, waving bye-
bye, the white handkerchief
stuck in my throat. You know the way Jesus

rips open his shirt
to show us his heart, all flaming & thorny,
the way he points to it. I'm afraid
the way I miss you

will be this obvious. I have

a friend who everyone warns me
is dangerous, he hides
bloody images of Jesus around my house

for me to find when I come home--Jesus
behind the cupboard door, Jesus tucked

into the mirror. He wants to save me
but we disagree from what. My version of hell
is someone ripping open his
shirt & saying

look what I did for you.

-- Nick Flynn
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From: [personal profile] innerbrat

But if you try sometiimes, you'll fiiiiind...

...I have no idea what you wrote in the rest of this post. I was grooving to the head music and there was no room for other words.

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(<3333333333333333333 The poem is indeed lovely.)
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For you, and for all of these. (Though I love the poem enormously.)
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Echoing the poem love.

Just. Oh.

Thanks for posting this, and sharing it with us. <333