It has now been a year since I moved to Boston. I find myself weirded out by how fast that year has gone by, and how amazingly not-arduous it was. Before this I had never lived outside my home state before, I had never spent more than three months away from home, I'd never lived entirely alone. But it's gone pretty well, I think. I love my job, I like my coworkers, the stuff I get to do every day is interesting.

Sure, I have less energy than I used to, especially for things like IM and RP, but I think that'll pick up again once the end-of-year push is done. Sure, everything here is more expensive than back in Pittsburgh (oh my god rent why are you SO HIGH???), but I have friends that live close by, and the public transportation is nothing to sneeze at.

I even, knock on wood, get imposter syndrome less often than I did in grad school.

So all in all I think it's been good for me, living out here. I'm hoping next year is even better. I'm hoping the same for all of you.

And hey, maybe I'll even start updating my LJ more than once ever six months. *holds breath*

And because winter is my long, dark teatime of the soul -- my post at the Holiday Love Meme.
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