Date: 2009-03-04 09:44 pm (UTC)
varadia: (over the sea)
From: [personal profile] varadia
01.) Full name? Anna Logres
02.) Best friend? Daniel and Gwen
03.) Sexuality? Bi
04.) Favorite color? Turqouise
05.) Relationship status? Single and cohabitating with Daniel. This confuses some people
06.) Ideal mate? Someone who can put up with her paranoia and sharp edges. Someone that doesn't laugh about the poetry. Someone who does make her laugh, though. Someone that talks.
07.) Turn-ons? Biting. *wry* That's from before the vampire thing. Mild powerplay. I think that's more fraught now than it used to be, by a lot. She kind of -- misses feeling okay about it.
08.) Last sexual experience? In Philadelphia, unless we're talking solo.
09.) Favorite food? Celery sticks with cream cheese. Lately she needs blood, though. Dammit.
10.) Crushes? Um. Kindasorta Daniel. Kindasorta Gwen. Kindasorta Sallah
11.) Favorite music? Trance/techno and ballads that are not power ballads
12.) Biggest fear? Staying hard and cold like she was in Philly
13.) Biggest fantasy? Not needing to drink blood anymore ever
14.) Quirks in bed? She's clingy. Even if she doesn't know it.
15.) Bad habits? She's secretive, skittish, she likes to tease and can sometimes push it farther than she should, when her temper's flared she is prone to physically lashing out without thinking.
16.) Biggest regret? Letting herself get turned. (IT IS NOT RATIONAL, I KNOW.) Maybe somewhat going after Nicky alone. Not much, though. She just didn't mean to get people upset.
17.) Best kept secrets? Her folks. What happened there. A great deal of what happened in Philadelphia. Exactly how little some things bother her.
18.) Last thought? Goddamn shotgun jamm--
19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience? She had a boyfriend that was really bad at oral and insisted on doing it anyway. Awkward.
20.) Biggest insecurity? That she's going to start running again and never stop. Or that she's going to stay when running is the best option.
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