Date: 2009-03-04 04:24 am (UTC)
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01.) Full name? Lady Door of the House of Arch
02.) Best friend? Um. It was probably Tonks?
03.) Sexuality? Straight
04.) Favorite color? Dark green
05.) Relationship status? Married!
06.) Ideal mate? Recovering ex-Dark Lords
07.) Turn-ons? Tom. Foot rubs. Back rubs. Sadly not Tom in bondage gear gyrating to Closer
08.) Last sexual experience? Not more than a day or so ago. Very nice. Baths were involved.
09.) Favorite food? Ice cream.
10.) Crushes? Tom
11.) Favorite music? Classical. And harpsichords.
12.) Biggest fear? Losing Tom and Ingress. Failing to keep the Underside and her people safe.
13.) Biggest fantasy? Not having to play politics all the time.
14.) Quirks in bed? She's very handsy.
15.) Bad habits? She's a little brittle, she tends to keep things to herself, and she's stubborn.
16.) Biggest regret? That they didn't find Ingress sooner.
17.) Best kept secrets? That she's really a man, baby! *lies* Um. How much she really truly hates Megwyn? No. Um. Probably how much she really hates politics, and how much she really worries about Tom.
18.) Last thought? Fuck.
19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience? I have no idea. I don't think Door's big on one night stands, though. If she ever had any of those they were probably horrible.
20.) Biggest insecurity? That she's going to bollocks it all up. Everything.
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