Date: 2009-03-04 03:54 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] varadia
01.) Full name? Galadan, son of Cernan, Wolflord of the andain
02.) Best friend? Right now? Mary Lennox, River Tam, Gabriel Tam
03.) Sexuality? Straight
04.) Favorite color? Gray
05.) Relationship status? single, not particularly playing the field
06.) Ideal mate? Someone with a will as strong (or nearly as strong) as his own, and one with her own goals and purpose.
07.) Turn-ons? Playfulness, lack of fear of desire/sexuality -- being known.
08.) Last sexual experience? He might hook up with someone in Fionavar? He probably has. With andain, usually. It's easier.
09.) Favorite food? Meat.
10.) Crushes? N/A (Lisen? Not anymore, but.)
11.) Favorite music? The sounds of the forest. Music is not something he takes much pleasure in.
12.) Biggest fear? Lacking agency.
13.) Biggest fantasy? Lisen loving him and choosing him over Amairgen.
14.) Quirks in bed? His other form is a wolf. 'nough said.
15.) Bad habits? Being a dick, destroying the world when he has a temper tantrum, control freak, demanding, condescending, prone to quick, violent demonstrations
16.) Biggest regret? Galadan doesn't do regrets. To regret what he has done -- that means that what is now possible wouldn't have been. Regrets change nothing.
17.) Best kept secrets? That his best friends are a schoolgirl, a senator, and a crazy chick. *solemn* That and just how ruthless he really is.
18.) Last thought? Fuck you. (or the mental/emotional equivalent)
19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience? Lisen!
20.) Biggest insecurity? That there is nothing worth loving in him SHUT UP.
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