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01.) Full name? Michael the Archangel, Prince of the Presence and Leader of the Host of Heaven. (there are lots of capitals)
02.) Best friend? Michael doesn't have friends. She has acquaintances. And family.
03.) Sexuality? She is neither a man nor a woman, really. Romantic entanglements are not in her job description.
04.) Favorite color? Green
05.) Relationship status? Single
06.) Ideal mate? I think if you made her think about this she would totally draw a blank.
07.) Turn-ons? Angels do not experience desire. Or at least Michael doesn't. She prefers it that way.
08.) Last sexual experience? Probably never.
09.) Favorite food? She enjoys coffee. And chocolate. Shh.
10.) Crushes? Well, she hates Christian with a passion whose intensity cannot be described. That's not really a crush, though. Except in how she'd like to crush him to paste.
11.) Favorite music? Songs of worship.
12.) Biggest fear? That her brother will never come home That humanity will doom itself before it can save itself.
13.) Biggest fantasy? Crushing Christian into paste.
14.) Quirks in bed? She doesn't really sleep, as such. And sex is right out.
15.) Bad habits? Too much pride, condescension, a temper -- yeah.
16.) Biggest regret? That she could not convince Lucifer not to fall; that she could not make him understand what it meant to stay.
17.) Best kept secrets? That she's an angel. And that on the inside she's a man. And that she cheats.
18.) Last thought? For thee.
19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience? Nada.
20.) Biggest insecurity? That she really doesn't have free will at all.
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