Date: 2009-03-04 03:37 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] varadia
01.) Full name? Dean Winchester. Middle names are off-limits. Just. No.
02.) Best friend? The Impala. Or, you know, Sammy. If you're gonna be like that about it.
03.) Sexuality? Straight.
04.) Favorite color? Black
05.) Relationship status? Single and totally playing the field
06.) Ideal mate? A chick who's not into really fancy shit and doesn't hate the family business. And, you know, who's got her own life and shit.
07.) Turn-ons? Food, women, women who can kick ass, awesome cars, and did he mention women?
08.) Last sexual experience? This red-head at the bar -- smokin'.
09.) Favorite food? Burgers and beer
10.) Crushes? *looks left* *looks right* Kim Ford. Angela. Shut up.
11.) Favorite music? Mullet rock
12.) Biggest fear? Getting left behind. Again.
13.) Biggest fantasy? Triplets.
14.) Quirks in bed? He is remarkably sweet and slow.
15.) Bad habits? Smoking, cursing, belching, being rude in conversation when he is out of his depth (which is often when it's not work-related)
16.) Biggest regret? Letting Dad die (At this point in-game)
17.) Best kept secrets? What Dad said to him about Sam.
18.) Last thought? Jesus, I hope Sam's okay.
19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience? That time Cassie broke up with him.
20.) Biggest insecurity? That he's not worth anybody sticking around.
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