Date: 2009-03-04 03:32 am (UTC)
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01.) Full name? Raven, who sets things right
02.) Best friend? Proooobably Coyote!
03.) Sexuality? Non-biological out of sheer stubbornness!
04.) Favorite color? Black (except when it's white. Or blue. Or periwinkle.)
05.) Relationship status? gloriously single and prepared to stay that way until the end of time.
06.) Ideal mate? Coyote. Or himself. It's hard to say.
07.) Turn-ons? Glitter, cookies, and flying.
08.) Last sexual experience? So this one time he made out with Coyote . . .
09.) Favorite food? Cookies. And bear fat. And vegemite. Don't ask.
10.) Crushes? Um. Probably Coyote again?
11.) Favorite music? Anything real people actually sing without being in a studio. If they are stories, so much the better.
12.) Biggest fear? Cages.
13.) Biggest fantasy? Not having everyone he loves dies, leaving him to go on forever alone.
14.) Quirks in bed? He cuddles, but sex is right out.
15.) Bad habits? Mockery, pranks, general torment, ultraviolence. He's gota lot. Oh, and he smokes.
16.) Biggest regret? That one time he went crazy and blew up some planets.
17.) Best kept secrets? That he is neither as silly, as vapid, or as happy as he appears.
18.) Last thought? Here we go again.
19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience? That one time he made out with Coyote . . .
20.) Biggest insecurity? That he will go crazier again.
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