So I got five things from [ profile] gao.

Great characters in ambivalent canons
Oh, man. I kind of laugh that this is an association, and that it is kind of association number one. I don't know why I gravitate toward certain characters, but I can tell you that a really awesome character introduced early enough will get me to read some terrible crap. I'm even more a sucker for intriguing characters than an interesting premise or great worldbuilding. I can be won over by those other things, and I certainly adore reading things in them, but for the 'hit me in the gut' quick response, nothing'll do it faster than a character of undiluted awesome. The execution can be shaky and inconsistent, later actions OOC, but if I can still see that bit of characterization that made me 'zing' in the first place, you're going to have a hard time shaking me off. I also tend to look more for--not bit-players? But I rarely glomp onto the main character as the one I love and adore and want to see more of and understand. It's always someone on the sidelines, or relative sidelines. Or someone who gets sidelined later, or who I think canon doesn't treat well (Hi Nynaeve). Dean Winchester has been kind of an aberration for me in that regard. I think it's because he has so many of the characteristics common to second-teir sidekick characters, even if he is also at least one of the heroes of his own story. It probably helped that early on it really was Sam's story, and Dean was facilitating it. It's that facilitation that I really love. You can see it in the way a lot of my other characters, played or just on my fave characters list, tend to be facilitators of other people's stories, too. It's a thing.

Your field of science! or science! in general.
Chemisty! Both the joy and bane of my existence. I like making things, I like playing with physical properties and attempting to get materials that perform to required expectation as well as creating materials that perform new functions, or more efficiently perform old functions. Plus I get to play with electricity and tiny electronic devices. (That last bit is more theory than actual, because I am not an engineer and thus cannot BUILD electrodes or Field Effect Transistors or Diodes, or what have you. I still like them.) Basically I work in polymers; plastics, if you will, with an emphasis on materials science. I'm not just sitting around trying to polymerize new monomers or trying to quantify the kinetics and reaction constants of various types of polymerization. I make Stuff. As Steph says, I deal in SIF (Shit inna flask). It's good times. I have five years of work on this behind me, from conjugated conducting polymers to mesoporous carbon nanostructures. I want to FINISH MY DEGREE NOW PLZ. So there you have it. A madcap and incoherent explanation of what, exactly I do all day. Most days.

Music (vague, but I am interested in your tastes and relationship with it?)
You would probably not know it from reading this journal or from talking to me on IM (unless maybe you are Aspen, Esther, Jo, or Viv) but music is hugely important to me. I've got the artists that kept me sane in undergrad, the artists that say what I think needs to be said about the world or--more often than not--about me, artists I listen to on good days, artists I listen to on bad days, things I want to make other people listen to all the time--it goes on. Playlists are sometimes a way of life. Mostly it ends up being lists of favorite songs that speak to me in the moment, but I have some longterm stuff that sticks around. I'm big into classic rock--this is the music of my childhood, yo, not least because my Dad was/is a fan. I get a kick out of female vocalists/instrumentalists--I like it best when they sing and play something; see Tori Amos and Ani diFranco, though Tori will almost always be the music I default to when I'm sad or unhappy or sublimely okay. I'm big on folk music lately, and anything that straddles that line between pure country and 'just a couple of people hanging out and playing music' will probably hook me like a fish. I like independent artists and artists on smaller labels. I like artists that love what they're doing (Hi My Chemical Romance!) Lately I've eaten Joe Purdy up with a spoon. 'Blue in the Sky' is my feelgood song of the last three years. I miss Concrete Blonde (Johnette Napolitano's voice OH MY GOD.) I can listen to techno during action scenes, or when I need to write some. I think in music a lot. It's hard to not hear me humming or singing under my breath when I'm walking around during the day. I had to learn how not to do that in grade school. *wry* It was disruptive. And, uh. Yeah, feel free to ask me more questions about that kind of thing? If people want?

Maybe overlap with 1), but--comics? What keeps you reading even when things get tiresome?
Comics--comics I've been off-again on-again with since my introduction to the X-men when I was about seven, via that cartoon on TV. I didn't have regular access to comic books, so I'd scrounge them up when I could and get Mom to buy them from the grocery store whenever I was sick. Most recently I came back to them from buying trade paperbacks of Preacher and Lucifer and Promethea. I started getting curious about the single-issue stuff, and it has been a LONG time since I read X-men. So I was browsing X-men-related TPBs and stumbled over this one called 'X-23: Innocence Lost'. It didn't look like my kind of deal, but I was like, huh. Female Wolverine. Could be interesting, I wonder how the hell they're going to pull it off? Plus it was cheap. And WHAM. I had to read everything X-23 had ever been in, so I got a bunch of back issues of NXM, and then I needed CONTEXT, so back issues and TPBs of surrounding X-men books, and then I needed to stay current, which necessitated picking up the other X-titles, then I got curious about the expanded Marvel Universe, tried out some of that, decided I hated it with a fiery passion, started reading Batgirl (thanks to Ana) then broadened out into general Batclan (thanks again, Ana), then started with JLA stuff (THANKS DEBI, NO REALLY), moved into Wonder Woman, started picking up minis and Final Crisis and trades of the other stuff . . . Good times. I think it satisfies the need in my for a never-ending open story that I can pick and choose bits out of to read, or to step off from. Even when it sucks--sometimes at the end of an arc I've hated, I've realized what it was all about and I'll eventually like it. And it's a HELL of a lot of fun trashing particular bits with other people of similar feeling. I think, looking at online comics fandom, this probably explains a lot.

Uhhhhh. Your favorite icons, of your icons.
I really love the angry!Nynaeve icons. They make me laugh inappropriately. My most recent Milliways icon is very pretty and showcases the stable of pups I've developed, emphasizing the ones that are currently the most active, and probably will for the foreseeable future. The Irene Bedard ones are the most-used, I think because she has such an expressive face and I love her as an actress. The SHAAARK one is good times. I mostly go for non-fandom images, even though I have a couple SPN icons on my LJ. I think it's because, to me, my fandoms aren't my primary identifier, so I get a kick out of random pretty or intriguing images, instead.

ETA: Five things from [ profile] areyoumymemmy

Mad scientist
I always liked Beaker more than Bunsen Honeydew in the Muppets, which I feel has shaped my career as a chemist to an unflattering degree. Except for . . . not. Now if I were a MUPPET myself--I lie. I've never gotten a kick out of mad scientist types in fiction. I think the insanity in a field I know something about is usually what turns me off. That and often the science is just SO BAD that I get distracted and can't take the threat seriously. I just--no.

For all that I saw some fannish stuff about this show and thought it was stupid and lame and predictable--once I actually started watching--not long after The Benders, I think--I got hooked. So hooked. There is no way to describe how hooked I am to this show, and I'm pretty sure I'll stay with it no matter how many times it throws misogynistic, racist, or otherwise unpleasant OH DEAR LORD NO tropes at me. It's in part because the show in my head doesn't have those things. And the show in my head is the one I RP. It helps, and thus I can engage with the problematic aspects of show without losing my love for the things I like in it. So. WIN!

Myths and legends
I started myth-reading with Greek mythology in grade school. Maybe third grade? I exhausted the local and school library on those fronts, moved on to Norse, then moved on to Native American stories. Those I stayed with for a long time, then moved onto histories--which were horribly inaccurate and written for grade-schoolers, novels about the West and the tribes on the Plains (again, I don't think I found any of the reasonable representations at that point, and I didn't know that, either. Ow.) I like retellings a lot, especially when I know a version of the more original story. I like seeing what other people do with them, what layers they call important, what of their own they bring to the table, and what messages they end up working in. I don't always agree or appreciate it, and I imagine the same is often true for the myths and legends I decide to play with, but--I dunno. I think it can be done well. Though I really love reworked myths from people that are inside them. If that makes sense? So.

Unusual syntax
I am not quite sure how it developed, but both of my major pups (Hi Raven and X-23!) have unusual syntax. Raven is the worst offender, dropping commas, interjections, and misplaced pauses even into the simplest of sentences. X just keeps hers short. And asks negative questions instead of pure questions. I laugh. I do think a lot of it comes from the fact that my strongest RP and writing trait is character voices. My narration tends not to vary much without a great deal of effort on my part, and I can rarely sustain it for a full RP lifetime of a character, let alone the length of one story. But dialogue. That one I can vary all day and, I think, keep a multiplicity of characters with dialogue telling enough that you could, if I kept a story to just talking, tell most if not all of the characters apart. I like it.

Pie is a gift from the gods. Or Heaven. Or Deep Blue. Hell if I know. I actually, for all I use it as a random interjection? Don't like pie all that much. Except for apple, raspberry, and peanut butter. I am a freak.

You can hit me up for five words/associations, too, if you want. Just comment here with a request.
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Lynne! Tell me to get off my butt and go do something. Or alternately, give me something else to procrastinate with!
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I have nothing intelligent to say but your lists and paragraphs are AWESOME. \o/

And oo, I won't say no to associations!
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Do you remember things by setting them to a tune or cadence of some kind? Or find musical rhythms in the sound of your feet walking or the washer washing - stuff like that? I don't hum my tunes as I walk around, but I have them in my head a lot.

I think you and I have similar mind structures. WHICH EXPLAINS A LOT.
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We are strong in musical intelligence (which doesn't mean we make music per se, but we interpret the world in rhythmic patterns!) - GO US! Oh, educational theory.

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Oh man, I am with you pretty much all the way on that first one. I'm tough to shake off once I've gotten really interested in a character, and even if later actions seem questionable, so long as I can still see whatever it was that got me into the character or can still make some sense of those actions based on who and what the character has been shown to be in the past, I'm still in his or her corner.

I often go for minor (or at least non-main protagonist?) characters that catch my eye, too. It's definitely a thing.

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I love this meme! I keep reading interesting things about people!

Five things you associate with me?
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Assoc me!

I did not know you dealt in Shit Inna Flask. It sounds awesome. WOO SCIENCE.
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Ooooooh. Stealth awesome! No, it totally sounds like something I'd say. XD
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SCIENCE <3 I love that there are people in the world whose passion for chemistry rivals my intense dislike of it as a discipline.

Five things for me?
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I am admittedly mostly just curious. But I have made my own post with the first ones I got, so it's allowed!
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(Which is to say: yep, done that too. *wry*)
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I am sidling belatedly in to beam at this; I really like reading other people's explanations of stuff! (I am coherent today. La la la.)

Even though I'm late to the meme, I am curious about associations. :)

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I have to thank you for mentioning Blue In The Sky! I first heard Joe Purdy on Lost and had to have that song for myself for my personal Kate playlist. I haven't been seeking his stuff out before now, but I've liked just about everything of his I've heard since then. So I finally had the time to pull up itunes today and looked up Blue In The Sky, and I love it.